Custom Elearning Solutions & Development

We build custom elearning courses with true learner engagement.


At Allen, we know elearning has gotten a bad rap with some people, and we’d like to change your mind about custom elearning solutions.

Elearning Should be More than Slides and Lectures

If you’ve ever suffered through a click-next-to-continue PowerPoint coma and decided an elearning course doesn’t work for your organization, we want you to give it another look. Allen doesn’t do elearning templates with dropped-in blocks of text for our learning solutions. Through our custom elearning solutions we bring learning management and programming experience to save you money, and combine it with custom-designed elearning services. Every company has unique business development objectives, so a one-size-fits-all elearning template just won’t cut it.

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True Custom Training Design

We start our designs from scratch every time—not matching the client’s needs to what we can do, but matching the best practices to the client’s needs. Sadly, case studies show that some learners have come to dread web-based training because they’ve seen uninteresting, poorly designed courses in the past. Interactivity is key to any online offering. Allen’s elearning is designed to communicate and apply relevant information while engaging learners through proper instructional design. We want people to finish training satisfied with having learned something interesting and helpful.

Addressing Real Learner Needs

Your learners—internal or external—deserve to have their needs addressed by your elearning solutions. We take time in the design phase to make sure every interaction, every interface element, every click or touch in your learning programs means something. This could include different paths for unique audiences, pre-assessments to guide them through training, self-guided menus to put them in the driver’s seat, simulations that mimic real applications, games to put them in challenging situations, storytelling videos that highlight experts in their field, or simple assessments that require critical thinking rather than memorization. We also use our resources such as the highest quality media treatments, motion design, mobile learning, and beautifully branded visuals to ensure your brand’s credibility is enhanced by the learning exchange, not challenged by it.