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Created by Allen, this award-winning instructional design app helps corporate training curriculum designers rapidly assess needs and generate high-level course design.

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DesignJot is our award-winning app developed to help instructional design and training consultants build better training. This ground-breaking app assists both novice and experienced instructional designers in collaborating with their clients, with the goal of creating engaging training courses.

DesignJot includes two independent yet interrelated components —Analysis and Design. Leveraging ANSWER, our high-impact, rapid needs assessment methodology, the Analysis tool ensures that your instructional strategies align with your organization’s unique needs and opportunities. The accompanying Design tool includes a flow chart builder, a training objective builder, an activity sketch pad, and a content readiness form. This dual approach that combines rapid needs analysis and high-level design helps training development professionals gather and evaluate key factors of design before developing a training solution.

The go-anywhere nature of the iPad means this app is ideal for use in client discussions, kickoffs, and design meetings, resulting in interactive process that allows your clients to clearly see the link between a project’s overarching goals, needs, gaps, and strategies. DesignJot allows you to generate and export high-level course design, strategic notes, and other valuable takeaways from any design meeting that incorporates the app.


General Features
  • Review a sample course design.
  • Add as many new projects as you’d like.
  • Review tips and best practices for different steps.
Rapid Project Analysis
  • Employ the streamlined ANSWER analysis.
  • Apply industry-tested analysis questions.
  • Add additional questions to individualize a project.
Instructional Design
  • Easily build a High-level design flowchart. Use dynamic building blocks to map behaviors and key learning strategies.
  • Write and edit training objectives.
  • Identify and plan key learning activities.
  • Sketch activity mockups.
  • Categorize key content.
  • Show your work right on your iPad.
  • Export/Import the whole project to/from other iPad users.
  • Export projects in PDF format for use on a Mac or PC.

DesignJot Quiz header - Audience

DesignJot is built on the idea that a successful project starts with a proper understanding of the audience. How do you currently evaluate your audience when you start a new learning project?

DesignJot Quiz header - Needs

Lasting performance gains are central to the DesignJot process. To achieve that, we have to understand business needs. How do you assess the needs connected to your learning initiatives?

DesignJot Quiz header - Sucess & Weaknesses

DesignJot helps you build off past successes and identify possible pitfalls. How do you typically identify the strengths and weaknesses of your past trainings?

DesignJot Quiz header - Existing Content & Expertise

Correctly evaluating content and sources of expertise makes a big difference during design and scripting. How do you evaluate the quality and completeness of your content and expertise?

DesignJot Quiz header - Results

The DesignJot process recognizes that all the other steps exist to generate business results. How do you currently define and measure the results of your training initiatives?