Designing your custom blueprint.

Your learners are unique. Your brand is different. Your training should be, too. Custom training is tailor-made to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs businesses face. And custom training is what Allen does better than anyone else.

How we build Custom Training

We’ve built our business on bringing together the right people. We find awesome clients and pair them with our experts who understand your business objectives, create customized training that’s instructionally sound, looks better than your wildest training dreams, and has measurable results. You aren’t off-the-shelf; why is your training?

We build training customization into every step of the Allen process. From your first phone call, we use Allen’s ANSWER™ analysis to understand your business goals and learner needs. Our consultation process starts at the beginning of our relationship—because to build better training we need to get to know you. There’s no template, no boxes to check. Our job is simply to understand your needs and give you the best training possible in budget.

We create custom training that is tailored to you through a process called performance mapping, which Allen has perfected during the last three decades. Our designers dig into your business challenge, working with your team to identify the motivations, critical thinking, and skill-sets that need to be adjusted to successfully change behavior.

Then we dive deeper, mapping in detail what engagement, challenges, and interactions your learners need to change key behaviors. We take everything into account, from the best way to deliver your course to the training technology needed to bring it all together to the jaw-dropping creative that tells your story.

Our front-loaded custom training process takes a measure-twice-cut-once approach. Going through a detailed mapping process before development means the entire design will be the right fit for your learners and your business objectives. Custom training is what Allen does best, and our design process ensures you love what we create.

AllenComm Performance Map
High Quality Creative

At Allen there’s no such thing as slapping a logo on a course and calling it good. We have a team of graphic designers who use their creative experience with global brands to make our courses beautiful. Their pursuit of perfection means you get agency-quality creative design incorporated with world-class instructional design.

Our goal is to build better training by integrating creativity into your custom training concept so the entire solution fits your brand and audience. Our graphics team carefully crafts creative pieces from concept to execution and pays attention to every detail. Using storytelling, engagement, rich media, and gamification, they help build solutions that meet your business objectives and create engaged learners. At Allen, every design element serves a purpose. Our courses aren’t just gorgeous – they’re gorgeous for a reason.

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