Your learners are unique. Your brand is different. Your training should be, too.

Custom training is tailor-made to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs businesses face. And custom training is what Allen does better than anyone else.



We’ve built our business on bringing together the right people. We find awesome clients and pair them with our experts who understand your business objectives, create customized training that’s instructionally sound, nice to look at, and has measurable results. You aren’t off-the-shelf; why is your training?

We build training customization into every step of the Allen process. From your first phone call, we work to understand your business goals and learner needs. Our consultation process starts at the beginning of our relationship—because to build better training we need to get to know you. There’s no template, no boxes to check. Our job is simply to understand your needs and give you the best training possible in budget.





We do that through a process called performance mapping, which Allen has perfected during the last three decades. To create custom training that is tailor-fit to you, our designers dig into your business challenge, working with your team to identify the motivations, critical thinking, and skillsets that need to be adjusted to successfully change behavior. Then we dive deeper, mapping in detail what engagement, challenges, and interactions your learners need to change key behaviors.

Performance mapping sets Allen’s approach apart from others. Our front-loaded custom training process takes a measure-twice-cut-once approach. We want you to love what we create, and going through a detailed mapping process before development means the design will be the right fit for your learners and your business objects. We don’t want you to spend money on something you’ll have to adjust later.

This is why our clients come to us with projects that are too important to fail. Custom training is what Allen does best, and when you need something tailored to you, we make sure it’s the right fit.


Do you need to get something perfect? Get in touch with us to talk about your project.