Designing your custom blueprint.

Your learners are unique. Your brand is different. Your training should be, too. Custom training is tailor-made to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs businesses face. And custom training is what Allen does better than anyone else.

How we build Custom Training

Learning and Development’s impact on the success of an organization can be significant. You can be assured your corporate training programs will be successful when you have the right training development partner. Allen has over 30 years of experience in helping customers achieve success with industry-leading instructional design and custom training development initiatives.

Answer AnalysisPerformance Mapping

Our front-loaded custom training process takes a measure-twice-cut-once approach. Going through a detailed performance mapping process before development means the entire design will be the right fit for your learners and your business objectives. Custom training is what Allen does best, and our design process ensures you love what we create.

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We create custom training by industry that is tailored to you through a process called performance mapping. Our designers dig into your business challenge, working with your team to identify the motivations, critical thinking, and skill-sets that need to be adjusted to successfully change behavior.

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