Training Trends

At Allen, we have the privilege of serving a large and diverse customer base with over 100 distinct projects every year. One of the greatest advantages our organization has is the opportunity to forecast and track trends as they start to grow. However, the training industry’s perpetual search for the next big trend can sometimes mean that we never fully take advantage of what we have in front of us. The past few years have brought a crescendo of new technologies, innovative structures, economic constraints and changes in customers’ needs. Take a look at our collection of examples and advice below to help you refine your training solutions and achieve lasting performance results.


Master Microlearning Infographic

See how you can gain more employee buy-in and better overall results by focusing on short, relevant, engaging content.

Why Rich Media Matters

Our brains are hardwired to quickly process visuals. See how you can use rich media to reach your learners.

2015 Training Trends Provide Better Business Results

As learning and development people, we at Allen are always looking to stay on top of the industry. We brainstorm, share articles, talk over ideas and collaborate to find the best techniques to meet our clients’ goals. But as learning …Read more  »

Consumer Education a Rising Training Trend

Explore the New Brand Landscape with our Consumer Education Infographic

Motion Graphics: Increasing the Effectiveness of Training Through...

The past few years have brought a crescendo of new technologies, trends, and changes in customers’ needs. In 2014 we will pause to evaluate, polish, and perfect these and other recent innovations. Take a look at our advice for using …Read more  »

2014 Trends — The Big No Trend

Pausing to perfect and polish trends from 2013 leads us to… no trend in 2014. It comes as no surprise that our most popular blogs and articles tend to focus on the “next big development” or an evaluation of trends …Read more  »

The Millennials are coming. Are you ready?

Engage Millennials – Whitepaper Engage Millennials – Case Studies Millennials are the largest generation since the baby boomers. In fact, they’ll make up 36% of the workforce by 2014. As learning professionals, we know we have to keep up with …Read more  »

The Future of Mobile Learning

The Future of Mobile Learning infographic. See what training and development professionals have to say.