Training Trends


At Allen, we have the privilege of serving a large and diverse customer base with over 100 distinct projects every year. One of the greatest advantages our organization has is the opportunity to forecast and track trends as they start to grow. However, the training industry’s perpetual search for the next big trend can sometimes mean that we never fully take advantage of what we have in front of us. The past few years have brought a crescendo of new technologies, innovative structures, economic constraints and changes in customers’ needs. Take a look at our collection of examples and advice below to help you refine your training solutions and achieve lasting performance results.

[Infographic] How L&D Challenges Affect the Use of...

Have you ever wanted to know what other learning and development professionals are dealing with? What are their challenges, goals and the current state of their training? We know the things L&D departments deal with affect the modalities they’ll use …Read more  »

[Infographic] The History of Training and Development

Learn more about the history of training and development, from the 1800s to the present day.

2016 Training Trends: Experts Weigh In

With 2016 no longer in the future, but instead a reality upon us, we will begin seeing the implementation of 2015 thoughts and predictions. As L&D professionals, the topic of trends in training regularly finds its way in to our …Read more  »

Turning Training Trends Into Action

Even after knowing which trends have produced results, it isn’t easy to know which of those will be most effective for you. Every company has unique needs and learners, and every company is at a different point in the evolution …Read more  »

Allen’s Highlights from ATD 2015

As a newcomer to the training industry, going to the 2015 Association for Talent Development (ATD) Conference and Expo was a fun look into a world I’m still getting to know. Luckily, in an industry that’s undergoing some major disruption, …Read more  »

2015 Training Trends Provide Better Business Results

As learning and development people, we at Allen are always looking to stay on top of the industry. We brainstorm, share articles, talk over ideas and collaborate to find the best techniques to meet our clients’ goals. But as learning …Read more  »

Best of the Best 2014: What You Wanted...

With 2014 quickly fading in the rearview mirror, we decided to take a look back at the year in blogs and see what you liked best. We had a lot to choose from because the talented folks at Allen like …Read more  »

Retail Training Trends: The Importance of Front-Line Employees

As a young adult, I worked a few hours a week at a national clothing retail chain to stay in the “now” on clothing trends and, of course, for the employee discount. Looking back, I didn’t receive a single minute …Read more  »

Consumer Education a Rising Training Trend

Explore the New Brand Landscape with our Consumer Education Infographic