Systems Assure


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a Big Investment, Let AllenComm Help Assure it's Success.

AllenComm’s systems training approach, Systems Assure, helps clients and their systems integrators accelerate deployment, sustain effective usage, and lower the risk of project failure.

According to analysts, some 50% of ERP projects fail to produce even half of the anticipated business impact, largely as a result of the inability to effectively assure end-user performance. When employees don’t properly adopt new ERP software, a technical success can quickly turn into a business process failure.

The result: much higher risk to the project’s desired return on investment (training ROI), dissatisfied members of the executive team, and legal action against system integrators and major software firms.

Developed through AllenComm’s 30 years of experience with global clients, assuring successful end-user training and adoption in support of complex, critical enterprise systems, Systems Assure is designed to both improve end-user performance and lower the risk of project failure and unachieved training ROI.

Systems Assure is focused on the gap that exists between the ERP software provider, the software integrator and the customer. While change management deals with executive, management, and sometimes end-user adoption, it often does not bridge the gap to assure end-user adoption or sustainability after implementation. When other vendors talk about training within the context of an ERP implementation, what’s most often being referred to is screen captures, document management and support scenarios.

When AllenComm talks about ERP Systems Training, we’re talking about a fully mapped, lifecycle approach and the deployment of a training curriculum that employs a true blended learning approach tailored to the needs and business processes of our customers. We start by defining the performance metrics and behaviors needed to achieve the goals outlined by the CFO, CIO and Changes leaders, and then work backwards to build the training and change management program to hit the mark.