Learner Needs Discovery


Learner activities that further your business needs

Let’s face it, without learner engagement the goals your training initiative will not be met. In the corporate training industry, we’ve been faced with a colossal challenge: to successfully engage a new generation of learners. At AllenComm, we constantly evolve our approach to training and learning solutions in order to meet the needs of today’s learners, while anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s learners.

While having all of the bells and whistles of the latest in social networking may seem exciting, if they don’t further your business objectives, then they are only bells and whistles. With our training consulting services at AllenComm we are able to first determine what those needs are, and then we match them to types of learner needs. 

4 Distinct Types of Learner Needs

  1. learner needs activityInformation: Convey a message or provide reference
  2. Comprehension: Increase knowledge & recall
  3. Skills: Develop new skills & apply them in context
  4. Performance: Demonstrate mastery by performing simulated work

Most clients are a combination of three or four types of learner needs. Identifying this combination allows us to develop the appropriate activities and modules that impact and motivate learners. We take each learning audience and build activities that will solve their learning needs.

As a result, you know you’re engaging learners and achieving training ROI, not just offering them the latest technology. And while AllenComm will make sure your outcome furthers your needs, we have the technology to back up any solution you settle on, regardless the complexity.

View a chart of sample activities for each learner need.