Allencomm Video Services: Picture Better Performance


Is it true a picture’s worth a thousand words? We think so, when strong storytelling is combined with custom-designed video solutions. Quality and creativity are the hallmarks of video services at AllenComm. Click below to learn about the various options for energizing and humanizing your training solution.



Think YouTube here. A show-and-tell style is one of the most fundamental uses of training video. Whether it’s scripted or unscripted content, skills training or onboarding employees — seeing really is the best way to believe.



From sales training to conflict resolution, dramatized videos are fully scripted and feature professional actors. Video scenarios can help model best practices, storytell and convey nuance that’s otherwise hard to capture.



We call it “Description” because it starts with D, but this type of video is commonly known as talking head: somebody describing something, telling a story or sharing expertise about a subject.



Documentary video offers storytelling at its finest. Not only does it enhance learner retention, but it helps employees connect the dots between cause and effect and recognize that what they do makes a difference.

Video with Motion


This is storytelling with a twist. Say you have a word or concept that’s hard to explain, and simple video doesn’t do the trick. Adding motion graphics or text on screen can bring video to life in a way that helps learners lock it into memory.


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