AllenComm learning, performance, and engagement suite


The award-winning AllenComm learning portal isn’t just a training management system—it’s a next-gen learning, performance, and engagement suite

The AllenComm Portal

Elegantly configured around each client’s unique objectives and users, the AllenComm portal stands alone, enhancing--or even replacing--a traditional LMS. It’s the system you need when your vision for performance and learning doesn’t align with your current tools and technologies.


Custom Interface

We design the learning experience around your devices, learners, and strategies.

System Integrations

We track custom and standard data in your corporate system of record, or in our system.

Performance-Based Features

We support next-gen learning strategies, including performance support, gamification, micro learning, personalization, and social learning.

Sustainable Customization

Our system can grow with you, adding new features as you expand, and our one-time licensing model means you don’t have to pay for additional users.

It’s time to move beyond one-size-fits-all feature sets. Contact us, and a learning director will help you identify the learning portal features that will align most with your business objectives.