Learning Apps


With the jungle of information about app development out there, it’s no wonder many companies opt not to create learning apps, which is a pity.

When designed properly, learning apps can be powerful tools that give your learners easy access to information on the go. But we know it comes with a lot of questions to consider. Should you make a native app? Something web-based? Do you need a storefront and a license to sell it? Or should it live in your network? What devices will your audience use, and how do you make the app work on them? It can feel like wading into quicksand. It’s a good thing we at AllenComm have figured it out already. We’ve worked with them all, and we can help you navigate the world of learning apps to make one that’s a great fit with your team.

All of our projects begin with considerable consulting and design. We don’t throw ideas around just because they’re the new big idea. We learn what you need—you know if we suggest creating a learning app we think it will be the right solution for you. We recommend them when they’ll work best for your company or when your learners will truly benefit from having access to one.

The app may work as a gamified bootcamp for your classroom training, like we did for one major national food chain. It may be a reference library for your sales team in the field to have access to content and policies away from the office. It could act as a reference during your classroom training for them to access all the content and activity sets to reduce the learning curve. Or it may provide offline access to all your courses anytime, anywhere with our learning portal.

These are just a few options in a range of possibilities. We can help you figure out what you need and build it from the ground up. Or you may already have mentally designed one and just need someone to do the heavy lifting. Let us know how we can help.