Businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs alike have begun to tap into an important and lucrative form of outreach and profit generation: monetization of content through online education programs.


Whether you’re looking to educate customers about your organization’s products and services, provide professional continuing education, or sell courses based on an original strategy or self-help programs, you need scalable, innovative training solutions to ensure your customers get the most out of your offerings.

AllenComm is the ideal partner for you to monetize your content through accessible, universally branded training courses to help you make a business out of sharing your ideas. That’s why leading online training providers trust us to develop their online training content.

Our training options can be customized to perfectly fit your unique needs, whether you’re looking for web-based options, portal/LMS packages, instructor-led training materials, or a combination of all three. We transform your content and expertise into effective, informative, and profitable training courses that will help you to better meet the needs of your consumers.

We help you make a business out of sharing your ideas.



AllenComm has remained an industry leader in custom training, learning, and development for over 30 years. We’ve pioneered new technologies and techniques to enable us to help training groups create engaging, effective training programs that can be accessed from a variety of platforms and are adaptive to all types of learners. Our projects include:

  • Engaging and innovative online training experiences that break away the norms of traditional compliance training with interactive games and immersive scenarios
  • Cohesive and bite-sized modules to make a long (8-hour) course seem short, while getting learners to embrace the idea of becoming a safe and responsible user of a potentially dangerous product
  • Training systems that are adaptable to the needs of a consulting firm’s diverse subscriber base that are universally relevant in content but targeted enough to be individually effective in changing learner behaviors
  • A full-day, instructor-led certification system that includes engaging video scenarios and engaging skill-building games, to build the competence and confidence in workers performing daily tasks


In the current digital information age, non- and for-profit organizations alike have much to gain from monetizing content through offering targeted training courses. Here at AllenComm, we know the success of any training solution start by ideating new approaches that are outside conventions of traditional learning. Our design teams help you think outside the box, transforming the way your classroom and web-based instruction is experienced, and delivered. 


Our web-based course for a large non-profit organization in the healthcare and life sciences industry, is unbiased and universal enough to be used by doctors and patients alike across the United States, and is thorough, informative, and highly user-friendly. The course not only provides crucial consumer education for patients seeking guidance, but it also acts as a performance support tool for doctors, ultimately improving the quality of care these doctors deliver.

If you have content you’re looking to monetize, AllenComm is the most experienced and innovative choice. We can turn your ideas into training that will educate and engage your consumers so that you can increase your revenue while also helping you make meaningful contributions to your industry’s research and dialogue.

Monetization of Training Examples

  • Web-based consumer education training
  • Workshops and instructor-led training
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Subscription-based courses
  • Courses for member-based professional organizations