How do you build a strong sales force in an industry where half of all distributors quit in the first year? A network marketing skin care leader knows that new distributors need a strong foundation to launch a successful career. Because 85% of the company’s distributors live outside of the United States, the company needed innovative digital training targeting the goals, planning, and motivation vital for success to appeal to and reach a very diverse and widely dispersed audience.


Our client chose to partner with AllenComm to create a set of interactive training modules that allowed learners to visually represent both their sphere of influence and long-term business goals. Because having a specific plan can be the difference between finding success and giving up, our training helped distributors create an actionable plan that could be implemented immediately in their new business development strategy.

AllenComm designers created a tailored visual style that integrated seamlessly with the company’s existing online dashboard for distributors. Simple navigation and clear, concise language using universal terminology made it easily translatable for the global audience.


While the AllenComm training modules were an optional part of the company’s onboarding process, 75% of distributors worldwide chose to complete the company’s action plan learning activities. Over 80% reported feeling happy with their learning experience. This helped to significantly reduce new distributor turnover because the training program helped them to feel empowered by setting attainable goals and applying them to a clear path of action.

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