Case Study: Monetizing Training in the Business Services Industry

“Enterprises in 16 key countries surveyed lose an estimated USD $338.5 billion each year due to defections and abandoned purchases as a direct result of a poor experience.”

— Genesys research


One of our clients is a global consulting company that helps businesses utilize their full potential through advisory services, technology solutions, and strategic planning resources. Recently, they identified the need to create a customer service training course they could sell to their many clients. The course needed to be generic enough to be universally relevant but also targeted enough to significantly improve customer service behaviors in many different industries.


AllenComm began the project as we always do—we did our homework. We learned that the majority of people who would take the company’s courses are younger employees working in call centers. We also worked with them to understand their unique approach to customer service that emphasizes ease of use and interaction for the customer. In the end, we created a course that perfectly met every one of the company’s needs, including:

  • Universal branding with colors, graphics, and voice that would resonate with their diverse customer base
  • Gamification elements that engage learners (especially for the younger target audience) and bring the content to life
  • Microlearning modules that teach valuable skills in short segments that fit easily in a busy work environment like a call center
  • Technology and administrative support via AllenComm’s custom portal services that make the training easy to implement and manage for all clients


The company has seen course completion rates of over 90% and learning application results that quickly exceeded their regular benchmarks of success. Their clients have responded well to this fresh look into customer service strategies, and these improvements are backed up with trackable data, thanks to their adoption of AllenComm’s portal technology.

This project was the beginning of a productive, ongoing partnership. Our 35 years of learning and development industry experience make us a valuable asset in their continued efforts to monetize content and help their clients achieve better outcomes through better insights.

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