Webinar: Bridging the Brand Training Gap

Emma Hartsfield Brand Training, Corporate Training, Event, Webinar

Many organizations invest time and money in brand training yet aren’t seeing employees embrace, apply, or properly represent the organization’s values and mission. If brand training isn’t done right, then it can be a missed opportunity to instill branding guidelines and practices into employees’ everyday behaviors. You can close that gap by tapping into the power and sustainability of peer influence and positive social pressure by creating brand influencers.

ILT TO ELEARNING WEBINAR: A Conversion, Evolution, or Revolution?

Emma Hartsfield Corporate Training, Elearning, Event, ILT, Webinar

If you haven’t had to turn instructor-led training (ILT) into web-based training (WBT), chances are you will. Will you convert directly to web-based training, or redesign the learner experience entirely with the most relevant tech strategies? The process introduces other considerations regarding whether to design blended, microlearning, gamified, responsive, adaptive, or parallel solutions.

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Emma Hartsfield Compliance Training, Corporate Training, Event, Webinar

Have your organization’s compliance trainings ever been called “overwhelming,” “over-general,” “something to just get through,” or even “soulless”? If so, you’re sending the wrong message about your company and what it values and missing the opportunity to use compliance training as a strategic initiative. Use compliance as a catalyst to increase performance outcomes and employee loyalty by showing that your company’s values and employees’ values align.

Learn How On-Demand Learning Can Boost Performance Webinar Announcement

WEBINAR: Get Smart Moving your Learning into the Workflow

Emma Hartsfield Performance Support, Webinar

New performance support tech might be the hottest thing on the market but the surprising truth is that your people and content are the most important assets for delivering learning at the point of need. If you’re looking for practical tips on how to support your learners in their day-to-day, then don’t miss our next webinar.

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Webinar – Onboarding Overhaul: 5 Tips to Transform Your Training

Emma Hartsfield Event, Webinar

Typical training methods only scratch the surface of effective onboarding. Discover how to deliver training and support tools for real business impact. In this session you’ll learn to tighten up your content, leverage learner energy to jump-start the experience, capture your learners’ emotions, use only what drives behavior change, and deliver an ongoing, dynamic learning environment beyond onboarding.

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eBook: Key Components for Impactful Compliance Training

Emma Hartsfield Compliance Training, Ebook

The pervasive amount of harassment in the news today points toward the harsh truth that the common approach to compliance training has failed many victims. Effective compliance training depends on several factors — starting with workplace culture. This eBook is designed to address your concerns about compliance training and will show you what to focus on.