what is microlearning

What is Microlearning?

Jayme Jenkins Article, Microlearning

Microlearning allows learners to acquire knowledge and apply skills quickly. Learn more about the advantages of adding microlearning principles to your corporate training programs.

what is elearning

What is elearning?

AllenComm Article

Elearning allows learners to have real-time access to information when they need it. Learn more about the effective uses of elearning in corporate training programs.

Scaling a Sales Enablement Program

Jenny Garbutt Ebook, Sales Enablement Training

Sales enablement is a strategic alignment of resources and actions to produce effective, efficient sales operations. When done right, a sales enablement training program empowers your salespeople to improve their performance and transform the sales experience at your company. A solution for creating a scalable sales enablement program in your organization requires three key ingredients, download this asset to learn more.

Sales Enablement Must Haves

Emma Hartsfield Ebook, Sales Enablement Training

Your sales team works hard every day to let people know your company has solutions to their problems. The salespeople at your company are the driving force of expansion and relationship building, and they are on a mission to spread the word about your products and services, increase the size of your customer base, and boost the visibility and reputation of your brand. So why is it that 82% of B2B decision makers think sales reps are unprepared?

3 Powerful Truths About Onboarding

Emma Hartsfield Onboarding Training

We’ve curated the most powerful insights about onboarding in one place. Download now and arm yourself with the tools to present the best case for an onboarding overhaul at your company. This two-page guide will be like your playbook to enlist support for your onboarding goals.