Technology Provider Develops Next Generation Sales Enablement Training

<h1><span style="color: #333333">Technology Provider Develops Next Generation Sales Enablement Training</span></h1>

During a merger of three companies, how do you manage change when virtually all of the employees will need some type of training to integrate new products and services?

How do you redesign three different instructor-led training courses to include all the new information, meet branding guidelines, engage and integrate your workforce, and implement a centralized web-based training to scale?


AllenComm provided a scaled, digital learning solution for sales enablement training that would empower employees during a time of major change. We used downloadable digital resources, such as PDF job aids, and designed the courses with rich media. The learning experience included multi-decision point scenarios to engage learners with real-life conversation situations, and problem-solving experiences to develop their sales savvy and customer know-how. The sales enablement training solution was developed to empower the integrated workforce to optimize sales and move into new strategic markets.


  • Created one centralized digital learning solution by integrating different ILTs from 3 companies that merged

  • Enabled 1,200+ business development learners to optimize their sales