Retail Banking Provider Invests in Team Development

<h1><span style="color: #333333">Retail Banking Provider Invests in Team Development

When a retail banking provider wanted to invest in its next generation of leaders and provide sales training, it needed confidence and competence building leadership development training and a learning path that would help employees to better serve customer needs and advance their personal career goals.



The AllenComm team created a personalized continuous learning path to progressively build skills and motivate people leaders on different paths and levels of proficiency. Our learning plan included the latest in effective methods for busy, professional adult learners, including 18 different modalities used to sequence 93 different instructional pathways for nine distinct audiences. Some of those included: micromodules; interactive activities enhanced with motion graphics; infographics, job aids and other resources to be used in the flow of work; a resource takeaway guide; VILT; and a Train the Trainer course to help facilitators guide participants.


  • Increased confidence and competence

  • Improved retention of frontline colleagues

  • Improved retention of people leaders

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Reduced short-term disability

  • Improved customer satisfaction


AllenComm created an effective digital training solution to develop the mindsets, skills, and behaviors of the services team to set them up for success. The learning journey included a blend of independent and social learning methods designed to empower employees with the skills of problem-solving, adaptability, decision making, and customer resolution. The training included role plays, reflection time, and goal-setting activities. The goal was to build both competencies and provide practice in the skills needed to improve confidence to handle role responsibilities.


  • Developed the mindsets, knowledge, and skills of contact center employees needed to support rollout of the new product

  • Increased employee ability to solve problems and handle objections

  • Increased employee confidence and engagement