Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Leadership Training

Business Challenge

CPP sought to enhance and extend their Practitioner-Led Training for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. The goal was to be able to create a web-based learning experience to enable learners to recognize the personality of their coworkers and adjust their communication styles to create a more effective workplace. The material had to be both practical and engaging, and it had to allow the learner opportunities to practice and apply their MBTI knowledge and skills.

AllenComm Solution

AllenComm focused the training on the personality aspects and designed a course based on three success factors: performance, knowledge, and motivation. The course aimed to recognize indicators of each preference pair, patterns of typical actions, and how to consider other preferences when interacting with other people.

Using scenario-based activities, learners would be able to observe a situation and learn about the combinations of preferences being expressed in the exercise. Each situation included an objective, which led to discovering the most effective method of creating communication between two people with different preferences. A final cumulative review combined recognizing the various combinations of preferences, how they are expressed in certain circumstances, and the most effective method to communicate in a practical exercise.

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  • Learners can better understand the importance and impact of differing personality preferences and communication styles in their coworkers
  • Learners can adapt their communication styles to better meet the preferred styles of those around them


Gold Omni Award for Workplace Communication

Gold Omni Award in Education

Silver Horizon Award in Website Training

Summit Award in Education for Workplace Communication