Management Consulting Organization Empowers Its Team with Inclusivity Training

<h1><span style="color: #ffffff">Management Consulting Organization Empowers Its Team with Inclusivity Training</span></h1>

How does a management consulting organization embody the qualities of leadership?

During a significant time of self-examination and reflection, an American worldwide management consulting organization wanted to ‘be the change’ and create a cultural transformation by answering the question, can we do better? In order to be a leader for change, they needed a training that would empower them to forge new paths of equity, inclusivity and allyship.


The AllenComm team coordinated with our client to customize a diversity, equity and inclusivity training that would weave in personal narratives, action planners, reflection tools and engaging activities to help transform the culture to foreground inclusivity as a keystone value in their workplace. We helped them to build their foundation for success with a leadership training to ensure that their workplace works for everyone, and that all would have the opportunity to succeed. We equipped them with the tools to explore bias and uncover identity and privilege with a goal to create an equitable workplace of empowered team members.


  • Educating employees on concepts of equity and equality

  • Encouraging employees to become leaders for change

  • Improving inclusive leadership practices