ITCA Empowers WIC program Managers to make a Positive Impact in Community

<h1><span style="color: #ffffff">ITCA Empowers WIC program Managers to make a Positive Impact in Community</span></h1>

How do you develop a training that works both to onboard new hires and gain compliance and support for new practices from experienced managers?

The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA), Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), must run efficient local agencies. They have the potential to make a tremendous positive impact in the lives of “low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk”.

ITCA needed a personalized, engaging, transformative learning solution that would motivate and empower their leaders at the local WIC clinics.

“AllenComm helped us develop a modern, interactive learning solution that engages learners through real-life situations to ensure compliance with policies.”

Mindy Jossefides, WIC Director
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.



The AllenComm team delivered a standardized, sustainable, interactive, and accessible digital learning solution that would address the needs of three learning audiences: experienced managers, newly onboarding managers, and ITCA staff in need of support.

The media-based training offers flexibility and is customized with personalized real-life scenarios designed to motivate managers to follow current policies and procedures while doing the most good for their communities.

Our learning solution was designed to give them a sense of the purpose behind the policies and compliance topics, as well as the context of the dynamics of the tribes they serve. The final learning solution builds confidence-to support independence, good decision-making, and exceptional service.


  • Decreasing the number of documented corrections by 5% twelve months after training launch
  • Increasing staff’s success rate by providing relevant and up to date policy expectations and best practices to better serve their clients who need help


  1. Silver Davey Award for General-Education for websites
  2. Bronze Telly Award in General-Health and Wellness category
  3. Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in Video – Instructional category
  4. Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in Video - Non-Profit / Advocacy category
  5. Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in Websites - Health / Human Services category
  6. Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in Websites - Training / E-Learning category
  7. Silver Horizon Interactive Award in Video - Motion Graphics / Effects category
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