Online Guide to Cope with the Covid-19 Lockdown


Online Guide to Cope with the Covid-19 Lockdown


Online Guide to Cope with the Covid-19 Lockdown


In partnership with the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, AllenComm created a free online guide. This free online guide provides the community with coping skills to alleviate tensions felt from the COVID-19 lockdown. As part of the AllenComm Rapid Response Initiative, the course was produced in less than a week.




The AllenComm Solution

COVID-19: Tips for Facing the Lockdown is a free digital guide designed by AllenComm and written by Dr. Barbara Stanley from the Columbia University Psychiatric Department. This free resource is designed to help alleviate the challenging moods and tensions felt from isolation or being stuck at home for extended periods of time.

COVID-19: Tips for Facing the Lockdown can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection on their mobile device or computer. The guide addresses common frustrations caused by being stuck in the house in five modules that offer tips for regulating your mood, using mindfulness to accept what can’t be changed, finding ways to treat yourself, harnessing the power of changing up your routine to alter your perspective, and finding ways to preserve or strengthen your relationships.

“Staying inside poses many challenges. For some, it's loneliness and isolation; for others, it's coping with being in close quarters with family members or roommates. There are simple, tried and true techniques that psychologists have developed that we can all use to get us through this difficult time.”

-- Dr. Barbara Stanley, Professor of Medical Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University

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