Organizational Change Management Solutions


Organizational Change Management Solutions


Organizational Change Management Solutions


Organizational change management is the process of helping individuals adopt to change in order to drive success. The most successful organizations are proactive by fostering change-ready employees to continuously evolve and remain competitive. A dynamic learning experience could be your key to successful change.


  • Culture - At a time of great challenge and change, culture emerges as a cornerstone of organizational resilience. Building a change management culture and capability in your organization allows employees to adopt a growth mindset making them a key success factor to change.
  • Leadership - The advocacy of change must start from the top and include the entire organization. The leaders must embrace new approaches first. They need to be equipped with the strategies, tools, and techniques to challenge and motivate the rest of the organization.
  • Communication - With the business world changing at an increasingly rapid pace, employees are expecting employers to be more open and honest than ever. It is important for leadership to be transparent and to deliver a change program that reinforces core messages through regular, timely guidance that is both inspirational and practical.

“"Working with AllenComm is like expanding the size and might of my team. Not only is the design and delivery top notch, but they helped me transform the strategic approach to better drive performance results."”

Amy George, Learning & Development Program Manager, Nestlé



Change affects your most important asset, your people. Here at AllenComm, we use a design-thinking approach to gain a deep understanding of your learners’ habits and behaviors so they can embrace the new way of working.

We will work with you to:

1. Assess your learners’ behavior gaps
2. Build employee capabilities through impactful learning experiences
3. Launch tailored learning journeys to establish an agile learning culture

We help guide our clients’ strategic approach to support change management across their organization. We give recommendations and options based on the wealth of our experience. We are proud that our clients recognize us as an extended part of their team, that is committed to their success.


As part of their digital transformation efforts, Nestlé sought a one-stop learning resource to grow the skills of 4 distinct learning groups as the market and their roles evolve.


  • The learning experiences are being integrated into all 2021 plans for all major Nestlé brands and retailers

  • Over 70% of respondent feedback gave Omni University a five-star rating

  • The expected result from the training is to grow sales to outpace market growth at more than 150 growth index before 2023