Make your classroom materials modern, relevant, and engaging.


Give Your Learners the Information They Need When They Need It

For too many of us, classroom training brings up the memories of trying to stay awake while the teacher drones on in a nasal monotone. But with good classroom materials and design, an instructor-led training (ILT) doesn't have to be the torture technique of days gone by. Quality materials can emphasize the benefits of classroom instruction, which range from group morale building to a personalized onboarding experience.

That's right--classroom training is still relevant. But it's a whole new ball game out there. Today's learners have unique needs when it comes to in-person learning. They're used to navigating the world at their own pace, learning online, and holding global meetings from their homes. In order to make an impact, your classroom materials have to be modern, relevant, and engaging. Sound intimidating?

Not for us. We’ve been doing this for three and a half decades, and have evolved our approach to training new learners. We consult with your team on the front end of the initiative to evaluate your audience’s needs and the way they’d like to learn. With the expertise that comes from decades of experience coupled with your specific learning goals, AllenComm can design a training that delivers your mission critical content and the knowledge of your subject matter experts in a customized package for your learners.

Don't be surprised by the fact that our classroom materials don’t look anything like what you’d expect for a lecture--we don't want you to lecture. We want you to teach. AllenComm can help you use relevant roll-out assets to initiate engagement, craft the perfect pre-work activities to help learners show up ready to go, group your learners for increased interaction, use group leads to facilitate discussion, create apps to help learners apply principles in realistic scenarios, apply real-time polling to keep them engaged with smartphones, craft application activities that mimic reality, and create follow-up tools to help speed up their time to competency after the classroom experience. The list is endless and is customized completely for your learners and their needs.