Innovation in Anti Sexual Harassment Training


Combat ineffective, boring compliance training with a focus on culture rather than policy. See how AllenComm solves this challenge with companies just like yours.


How We Solve Your Most Difficult Learning Challenges

Innovation fuels us and drives our purpose to create customized digital learning solutions. Our development process is a partnership. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your goals are met and the solution fits your culture and brand. The process defines the design and which innovative learning technologies should be used. Meet performance goals with an AllenComm customized training solution tailored to your company, situation, and business objective. For example, training developed for a major financial services company was completely customized to their needs and allowed them to rapidly deploy to over 14,000 financial advisors. We think outside the boundaries of traditional learning and development practices to achieve the highest levels of innovation and develop solutions that precisely meet our client’s business objectives and make them look awesome. Award-winningly awesome. See an example of one such award-winning compliance course here.  


Combating Ineffective Harassment Training

We apply innovative thinking to age-old problems. For example, the results of ineffective training to prevent sexual harassment have recently been in the spotlight. A new approach is critical. As reported by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2016, corporate anti-harassment training has not worked over the last 30 years. Our approach combats the ineffective, boring compliance training of bygone decades. We focus on building culture-based compliance rather than policy-based. Download the following tools to assess where your company is currently and where things need to change in order to break the cycle of ineffective compliance training.

Authenticity Axis for Building Culture

Strengthen your culture against hostile work environments with this tool.

Core Ethics Reflection Tool

Take a close look at this reflection tool designed to encourage employees to think for themselves and discover solutions to cultural issues like sexual harassment.

Learn How Training Based on Culture Can Make a Difference