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Featured Solution – Custom Compliance Training

Our award-winning, custom content solutions deliver real results. Explore this quick snapshot of a custom compliance training example.

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) needed to keep up with the rapidly evolving healthcare industry and offer a way for physicians to receive the required training for insurance against malpractice. PRI challenged AllenComm to create a fresh, impactful, and transformational course that would be perceived by the physicians as worth their time.

Client Challenge:

  • Highly educated, professional employees with limited time
  • Classroom training sessions nearly impossible to schedule for all professional staff participation
  • Professional liability insurance rate control required ongoing professional development


  • Innovation: Customized e-learning course that is immersive, interactive, and targeted to professional audience. Content had to engage and educate medical professionals.
  • Scale: Targeted audience needed to access required compliance training with minimal disruptions to medical practice. Convenience of anytime-and-anywhere access facilitated completion of courseware by targeted audience.
  • Impact: Near 100% participation and completion of courseware. Costs for professional liability insurance controlled effectively, and overall quality of patient care improved.

The PRI “Clinical Reasoning, Resilience and Teamwork” Course Won 10 Awards in 2017!

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