Case Study: Systems & Operations


Motivate new hires and re-energize seasoned employees.

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Middle-skill jobs, in high-skill manufacturing and other fields, account for 53 percent of the labor market, but only 43 percent of workers are sufficiently trained. —National Skills Coalition, United States’ Forgotten Middle Study


In 1956, our client became the first pet food company to use extrusion technology to create dry pet food, or “kibble.” Today, extrusion is still an essential part of their manufacturing process, and the skills of Extruder Operators have a direct effect on product quality. With an aging workforce, however, the company faced a significant training challenge: They needed to harness the deep knowledge of systems and operations possessed by their master Extruder Operators in order to create effective training programs for their many newly hired Extruder Operators. Moreover, the training had to not only train master operators, it had to engage and excite them about the opportunity ahead of them.


To solve this problem, AllenComm designed a year-long program of blended-learning solutions that turned new hires into knowledgeable, qualified Extruder Operators through systems and operations training. Visually rich web-based modules introduced learners to the context, motivation, and essential functions of their role as Extruder Operators while offering situational, problem-solving activities that illustrated the cause and effect relationship between their role and the final product. The training also instilled in them the critical role that this process played in the overall success of the company.


Because of AllenComm’s training, the company has the tools to educate an entirely new generation of master Extruder Operators who are motivated by product quality and proud of the importance of their work. The course has been adopted by the company’s plants all over the country, and they were so impressed by the quality and effectiveness of the program that they have returned to AllenComm many times since to create additional training programs. This client, like our many other manufacturing clients, relies on AllenComm’s breadth and depth of experience in the training industry and trusts our company to create visually appealing, innovative, and engaging courses that meet their needs every time.

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