ASLAN Sales Training

ASLAN challenged AllenComm to develop a dynamic and engaging digital companion course to their highly successful instructor-led sales workshop.

Toray Performance Support

Toray needed to safely improve complex machine operations. Find out how AllenComm helped them increase proficiency on-the-job.

HSS, Inc.

Discover how HSS Healthcare Security created a compliance training that helped their employees solve challenging situations with patients.

Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare engaged employees with compliance training tools and tips that enabled them to resolve complex situations. See the results.

Altar’d State

Discover how retailer Altar’d State worked with AllenComm to develop a blended learning experience to bring their brand representatives up to speed quickly.

Beauty industry sales enablement training


Beautycounter sought to put their consultants on a path to success by offering them a training they could make their own.

Pacific Gas and Electric

PG&E employees needed training on concerns and hazards. The course had to be engaging, meet accessibility requirements, meet web compatibility standards, and be open to the public.


HP needed to share their brand values, voice, and purpose with over 300,000 global learners. Find out what they did to scale their brand training.

O.C. Tanner

Discover how O.C. Tanner’s leadership training was built to be relevant, useful, accessible, and offer opportunities to practice the Great Work skills in a fun and engaging ways.