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Engagement Weekly: Do CEOs Care Enough About Employee Engagement?

  1. Pen Jayme Jenkins
  2. Calendar March 29, 2016

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into how smart CEOs use engagement surveys, the dangers of workplace monitoring and using engagement to build a diverse workforce.

Get the full stories below.

1. Five Things Your Employees Are Unhappy About

Forbes.com – It’s important that organizations have both CEOs and employees contributing to employee culture because “employee satisfaction is a function of the health of your culture.” Read More

2. 5 Simple Changes That Will Dramatically Improve Employee Communication

Inc.com – From trimming meetings to eliminating clutter, there are many fast ways to improve employee communication to be more efficient. Read More

3. 4 Profit and Loss Benefits of Employee Engagement

Business2community.com – Simply put, companies that excel in employee engagement have employees that are more productive, more likely to stay, good brand advocates and help your bottom line. Read More

4. How Smart CEOs Used Employee Engagement Surveys

Forbes.com – It’s important for CEOs to use engagement surveys to find deeper cultural problems they can fix. Read More

5. How to Get Leaders to Really Care About Employee Engagement

Eremedia.com – With employee engagement, it’s important for leaders to know not only how valuable it is, but how to measure it in the right way. Read More

6. How Workplace Monitoring Can Hinder Productivity

Inc.com – Managers need to be careful in how they watch and monitor employees so engagement and motivation are present. Read More

7. How to Increase Employee Engagement to Boost Your Bottom Line

Smallbiztrends.com – A couple of the biggest drivers in engagement are belief in management and career growth and development. Read More

8. Engaged Employees Equal Happy Customers

1to1media.com – Engaged employees can make a huge difference in a customer’s experience with an organization. Read More

9. Using Employee Engagement to Build a Diverse Workforce

Gallup.com – Gallup research shows how diversity can be a competitive advantage for organizations that create the right kind of work environment. Read More

10. How to Beat the Employee Engagement Slump

Cmswire.com – When it comes to poor employee engagement, companies should aim for technology initiatives, positive co-worker relationships and developing a sense of purpose—which all have a positive impact on engagement levels. Read More

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