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Engagement Weekly: Is Your Work Culture Powered by Recognition?

  1. Pen Jayme Jenkins
  2. Calendar November 17, 2015

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into the impact recognition-rich cultures have, who really drives employee engagement within organizations and how to get employees to feel connected to their work.

Get the full stories below.

1. The Easiest Thing You Can Do to Be a Great Boss

Hbr.org – Managers need to make recognition more personable and immediate when great work is produced. Read More

2. Why Getting Rid of Free Office Snacks Doesn’t Come Cheap

Bloomberg.com – Eliminating small perks can hinder productivity levels as well as employees’ relationships with the employer. Read More

3. Who Drives Employee Engagement Manager or CEO?

Gallup.com – Though mangers and CEOs can drive engagement, they shouldn’t be the only ones invested in better engagement. Employees need to find ways to use their individual strengths every day. Read More

4. The Real Reason to Care About Employee Engagement

Psychologytoday.com – The bottom line with employee engagement is to measure employees’ emotional commitment to their organization. Read More

5. 9 Actions to Build Employee Engagement

Theprofessionalbusinesscoaches.com – It’s important for managers to look for areas of improvement surrounding onboarding, culture and communication.

6. The 12 Things You Need For Successful Employee Recognition

Officevibe.com – Reduction in company turnover starts with a recognition-rich culture. Read More

7. Best of HR Roundtable: The Struggle with Defining Employee Engagement

Eremedia.com – Businesses are stuck in a culture where employee engagement is defined just as “people having fun” and “feeling good,” when in reality, engagement tactics need to be genuine. Read More

8. Employee Wellbeing is About Business Results: The Proof

Personneltoday.com – Linking wellbeing to business objectives can boost employee performance, engagement and the employer brand. Read More

9. 4 Steps to Higher Employee Engagement

Digitalistmag.com – When mapping out a business strategy for employee engagement, consider feedback channels, recognition, communication and listening to employees. Read More

10. Key Drivers of Employee Engagement Are Not What You Might Think

Infosurv.com – Employers need to foster an environment and culture where employees feel connected to their work. Read More

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