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Allen’s New Home – A Few Thoughts on Creating a World-Class Learning Design Center

Allen CommunicationWhen writing blogs, I usually don’t talk directly about Allen. Since we’re fortunate to work as a leader in a dynamic industry with so many opportunities—mobile and social learning, developments in consumer education, technological innovations, just to name a few—I tend to focus on industry issues and analysis generally.

However, for this blog, there’s good reason to make an exception. The past two weeks have been exciting for Allen. After years of solid and consistent growth, we moved to a new home, one fit for our large and growing team of experts, enthusiasts, and technologists. This new space in Salt Lake City is twice as large as our former one. As Allen’s design center, the building provides our talented team with 11 conference and meeting rooms, beautiful and open work spaces, and banks of windows overlooking the Wasatch mountain range.

Always wanting to be gracious hosts, we also made sure the new building includes top-notch collaborative spaces for our clients to enjoy with our teams, including an open, two-story creative commons and an outdoor patio. In fact, improving the client experience was a key goal in our move, specifically through increased capacity and reductions in project timelines, including:

  • World-class, in-house audio and video facilities
  • Client-designated work spaces and meeting rooms for onsite work
  • Generator backups and improved infrastructure for servers and workstations to ensure maximum uptime

These features enable Allen to react faster with high fidelity to client needs.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, with the move, we also have space to continue to grow. In fact, as we’ve experienced strong, sustained growth in recent years, we’re continuing to build our teams, with hiring across key roles, including design, project management, sales, and marketing. It’s a great time to join us. Allen is unique in the learning and development market in that nearly all of our creative team members work together on-site. The 30+ awards we win every year and the client partnerships we’ve built are closely tied to the consistency and quality of these teams. It is, in fact, a point of pride for us that our designers, artists, and programmers work in centers of creative excellence that, on a daily basis, collaborate on industry-leading projects for many of the best-known companies in the world.

Please see this blog as an open invitation to visit our new learning design center. Come meet and explore new opportunities with our teams. And, most importantly, consider referring friends or applying yourself to join the Allen Family. With 30 years of pioneering work behind us and a continued desire to invest in our clients’ and teams’ futures, we’ve never been more excited about the Allen experience.

Click here to see our open positions including instructional designers and project managers.

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  1. I have gotten some questions on the design center concept .. interested ?… come for a visit 😉 but if not I can say its more then that its all about collaboration .. not just for our own designers but for our customers and partners … How can you create a space that helps people collaborate and at the same time focus and be creative … re energize at work and of course feel and see what creativity can do for you and your teammate …. Still some work in progress as we decorate our walls, add furniture and learn the quirks of our new home. We currently have our first customer embedded with our team … hope to see great results and long term bonds ..

    Good Designing you all !


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