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Happy 25th to Marty Newey!

  1. Pen Michael Noble
  2. Calendar October 12, 2010

It’s Marty’s 25th anniversary at Allen, and we’re getting ready to celebrate (see below for details on the party). Over the years, Marty has kept us all entertained with his stories. Now, it’s our turn!  Please comment on this blog entry to post your congratulations and reminiscences. You can also contact Michael Noble at [email protected] if you have anything else to contribute (embarrassing photos, ancient screen captures, etc.).

Guest comment from Nancy and Rex Allen:

We’ve had a hard time coming up with just the right words to advance this celebration.  After all, our relationship with Marty has extended across most of a lifetime for Rex, and all of Marty’s lifetime for Nancy!  Not really possible to boil it all down into a paragraph.  So, with the hope that pictures do tell a story (we believe that, don’t we?), we found some glass plate daguerreotypes and worked for days to bring them into the digital era.

Here is Marty on the day we hired him.  Again, we were impressed, despite the fact that he wore the same jeans.  We mostly liked the briefcase and Converse All-stars.

And here is a promo shot we took just a month or so later for a company brochure.  Some said  the Transylvanian smile wouldn’t sell with our customers, but we found it charming.  Besides, his related stories were really quite entertaining.

And of course, you know the rest of the story.  He hired on as a temporary “Quester.”  Wasn’t Steve Cantwell in that group?  With Ken Brewer, Carl Miner and Dave Kern coming not long after.  Questing wasn’t really his greatest strength, however.  Too much talk and not enough pixel-pushing.  Then the story-telling thing sort of snapped into place.  Could he sell?  Could he sell!  With the rest of us, he sold things that didn’t even exist.  (That’s why we hired Ken, Carl, Dave, and the others—to make them exist.)  Amazingly, it all worked.  Martyn G. Newey became the best, most successful CBT/CAI/Interactive Videodisc/Multimedia/WBT/e-learning marketer, leader, and visioneer in the world.  Bar none.  And even though the profession’s titles have changed, he still understands that we need to share meaty, meaningful messages that really matter in the lives of real people.  It works.

Now, let’s get personal.  We know of few who are more loyal—to God, to wife and kids, to friends (anyone he meets), and to principles.  Let alone to AllenComm.com (two “m’s” then one “m”…no, TWO “m’s”).  Marty is passionate—no armchair quarterback here.  He truly is in it—for people and profession, in that order.  Marty is a consummate communicator—he listens, he learns, he laughs, he loves.  And he tells stories.  Abe Lincoln did that, too.  But he was taller.  Marty’s communication is real, as he is.  WYSIWYG.  And honest.  Maybe too honest for some, sometimes.  But this intensive integrity builds boatloads of tremendous trust.  25 years of trust and counting.  He is a professional’s professional.

Thanks, Marty.  For literally saving Allen Communication more times than anyone knows.  For doing it with persevering style.  For keeping family first through constant travel and late night proposals.  For marrying a truly wonderful and selfless woman who has been at your side through it all.  (We love you, Julie!  You’ve heard and lived all the stories multiple times each—wow!)  For helping Julie raise magnificent kids.  For blessing the profession.  For sharing your remarkable self with all of us.

May Providence continue to shine upon you and yours.
With love and deep admiration and much gratitude,

Nancy and Rex Allen

Comments 40

  1. Marty and I will forever have a bond, and it runs very deep. And it’s not because I have the same name as his wife. Nor is it from doing all-nighters or working all weekend on some horrendous proposals. Nope. It’s not even due to scuba-diving the deep seas together with our spouses on a sales celebration trip in the Bahamas, or landing a huge LA Times deal! Not even that. It’s because of this…

    ..coming back on a business trip in 1997 during game 6 of the Western Conference Finals between the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets. Yes, THAT game. And yes, Marty and I are both HUGE Jazz fans. Well, when we got off the plane, we knew the situation was bleak, and the Jazz were trailing. We decided with about 8-9 minutes left in the game, we’d just find a sports bar and watch the rest of the game. Well, at one minute left, it was Jazz 91 Houston 98. We almost walked off we were so upset, and then John Stockton… If you can’t remember this game, watch the last minute again… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcVzcPOP0Sw.

    Marty and I will NEVER forget this game. Yes, we yelled, danced, high-fived, and hugged. It is one of my best memories. Marty and I will never ever forget it. I don’t remember the client we visited that day, but I definitely remember this game and the aftermath. Salt Lake City was a different place the next day.

    Happy 25th Anniversary Marty—thanks for sharing one of my best memories with me!

    Cammie Soderquist

  2. Working with Marty was like working with every other person at Allen… the best artists, the best designers, the best programmers, and of course the best sales people. Thanks Marty for doing so well for yourself, for your family, and for we who worked with you. I always enjoyed hearing your stories but enjoyed even more your talent as a showman in sharing them. Here’s to 25 years more, but only if you want to. 😉

  3. Congrats, Marty! Just in case I don’t make it tomorrow (hosting a visitor from Taiwan), I wanted to remind you how wonderful you are. I enjoyed working on projects with you because you have an infectious good attitude and are one of the most sincere people I’ve ever worked with. Your desire to help clients and truly become their friends is such a rare trait in today’s world. Thank you for being who you are and for extending your friendship to the Allen team. I appreciate your example and miss working with you. I hope some of the “Marty magic” rubbed off on me so that I can carry on your excellence in service with my clients and team. Hope you have the best year yet–you definitely deserve it!

    Laura Campbell

  4. For 17 years I ran after Marty. Trade show booths, airport escalators, walking the city after a long day talking with show attendees … catching up with him was never easy. Spry, active, and always on the go.

    A smoky jazz bar in Chicago, sipping sodas on stools at the back wall while classy, hobbling, wrinkled black musicians filled our ears with the best music. Renting a stretch limo to carry hundreds of pounds of trade show hardware and materials because it was cheaper than renting a van. The time Jane brought a box of plastic water pistols as carry-on for a show (before 9-11), and security wouldn’t let her take them on board. Six of us sleeping (?), crammed into every bed and corner of a small hotel room in some big city (they’re all a blur). Sitting around the table at a fine restaurant after a long day, laughing and smiling at yet another Marty story, enjoying it like it was the first time even if it was the fifth. Walking the endless miles of the Washington DC Mall and Arlington Cemetery after a day of standing, finally relaxing for a few minutes at a concert on the grass. Walking the San Antonio Riverwalk. Universal Studios in Orlando. The Great Mall of America. The list is endless. Watching Marty’s innate talent of making friends with anyone that walked near the booth. Watching him try to squeeze into a pair of pants that he wore in college (or was it high school?), and the zipper wouldn’t close at the top (I’ve long since forgotten the occasion). His desk drawer filled halfway with little pink slips, each with a contact name and phone number, which to him was organization. His laugh. His smile. … The fun was infectious.

    (And … it took many many years after you first told me about it, but I finally talked a group of young men into doing the Subway in Zion Canyon last year!!! Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks for the recommendation.)

    Those were great years!!! I’d do them again.

  5. Flashback, 1992. Marty and I traveled to Detroit for the ASTD Technical Training Conference. We stayed at a hotel where the air conditioning wasn’t working and I remember watching the Vice Presidential debate, where Dan Quayle and Al Gore’s comments were overshadowed by Admiral Stockdale (Ross Perot’s running mate) as he wandered around the stage. We weren’t sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for they guy. After we walked to a Greek restaurant. When we returned to the hotel, the desk clerk said “you walked that part of downtown….and you made it back.” On another night of the conference we went to a reception on the top floor of a very tall building. We were talking about an old receptionist from Allen Communication named Sandy. She had left Allen almost a year earlier. When we turned around she was standing right in front of us. Very strange coincidence. She wasn’t even there for the conference; otherwise it would have made sense.

    Lots of great memories of Marty. I always enjoyed watching him run onto plans as they were closing the door. I still think about this about every time I fly somewhere (which is often). I really loved listening to his singing group at company Christmas parties.

    Marty keeps life fun and entertaining for sure.

    In today’s environment, it is quite an accomplishment to stay with the same company for 25 years. Congratulations. Looking forward to another 25 years….

    –Bryan Chapman
    Chief Learning Strategist
    Chapman Alliance

  6. Marty is one of the Allen greats. His stories told in his heavy Utah accent were awesome. When he has grandkids he will keep them entertained. I’m always glad to bump into a former colleague from Allen and I’m glad you guys are still rocking despite the economy. (Also hi to the Daves and Mike, Jason and the programmers). I think of you guys when I happen past your building.


  7. Marty is . . . I”m struggling to find the right word here.
    Marty is . . . ???
    Marty is . . . MARTY!!

    What can I say? He is truly unique: adventurous, caring, funny, dependable, a great singer, a superb salesman, and all-around great guy.

    I’ll never forget my first conversation with Marty when he called Amway. Usually I don’t give salesmen the time of day, but there was something about Marty that was so engaging that I listened. We talked. I listened. We talked some more. He got the contract. Then he got another contract . . . and another. (Since then I’ve noticed he’s been having some truly memorable vacations – hmmm.) But it’s been a great partnership. Thank you, Marty for setting it all in motion.

    Whenever I come to Salt Lake, Marty goes into host mode. I’ll never forget last Christmas when he stood in the snow and cold for hours getting tickets for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with Natalie Cole. It was sold out, but Marty never sees obstacles – just possibilities. Thank you, Marty for a truly great evening that I’ll always remember.

    And I realized as we were leaving the concert is that Marty knew everyone in attendance – those in the audience – those in the choir – the ushers – the security guards. (He probably would have got to know Natalie Cole if he didn’t have to get me back to the hotel.) It didn’t really surprise me. Marty is a people-magnet. I’m just glad I’m one of the people who have had the opportunity to get to know him. Thank you, Marty for being part of my life.

    Allen Communications: You don’t know how lucky you are to have had the benefit of his talent, commitment and zest for life over the last 25 years! He’s a treasure.

    Congratulations, Marty.


  8. I don’t really know Marty Newey, the Allen Co. treasure. He could be the CEO or the janitor there for all I know. I’ve heard he is a sales guy. He is probably pretty good at it since he knows everybody and who would not want to help him succeed? I know him as the guy who trudges into a cubicle day after day except when he has packed a few things to endure the insults required to make his way to who knows where, sleep in one of countless lonely hotel rooms where he can tamp his appetite with yet another barely edible slab of beef wrapped in disposable paper while he pays homage to his “smart” phone with every spare second.

    The guy I know is an amazing husband and father and son and brother. His association at Allen Co. has allowed him to do something authentically important with his life. Whatever he did for Allen Communication, I guess it helped allow him to the excellence he achieved pulling his weight with his responsibilities as a father and husband. He is a good provider. That has helped he and his wife raise a beautiful family with four children who are flourishing. It is such an amazing accomplishment.

    The guy I know is an incredible friend who has graced my life 45 years, the last 15 of which I have been privileged to participate in his “manly” adventures. Some of you have heard of these. They have been important and a great success in his life and a good thing for many others who they have touched.

    Marty is a great man. Allen Communications has been fortunate to have him for so long. Three Cheers to Marty Newey!

  9. So many memorable experiences…I think the one overriding fact was Marty’s calm tendency to always, always, cut his airport check-in to the very last second. I haven’t talked to anyone about this since, but has anything changed?

    I’m sure Marty has not changed being the consummate professional and a very good man. Marty, you were an example to me and played an important part in my life. Thanks!

  10. Marty — Congratulations. It has always been a pleasure working with you and the team. You have great customer service skills and produce quality, professional work. I hope our paths will cross again. I wish you the best personally and professionally. Regards, Dorene MacVey, Rockwell Collins

  11. Many thanks for all the sharing Marty! Your professionalism and ability to balance both work and life are to be aspired to. A beautiful and giving family…BOTH familes that is; Allen and your own. Congrats sir! You’re a lucky man…and they are lucky to have you.

  12. Marty…25 years at ACLS is a very admirable accomplishment and your friend’s desire to honor you only demonstrates what great folks you work with. Thank you for just being a wonderful person overall. You are easy to talk with and genuinely desire to do the best job you can possibly do. As a client, I can’t think of another situation where I have felt so comfortable with a contractor (i.e., you as our account rep, salesman, and ACLS as a company). Thank you also for sharing your family experiences and photos. This adds a warm personal touch to our interactions.

    Reading some of these posts makes me smile, some people have written in the past tense (e.g., Marty was…) …as if you’ve moved on or retired. I hope I didn’t miss anything! :O

  13. Marty, from the beginning with your quick turnaround with questions, projects and support have been excellent. Thank you for all your support and support from the Allen Communications team. We made a good choice partnering Allen Communications.

  14. Marty,
    Congratulations on your big anniversary! Wow! I wish you continued success professionally and personally too. It has always been a pleasure to work with you, and I hope we have another opportunity soon.
    Best regards,
    Mary Bresadola
    Bright Horizons

  15. Big congratulations to Marty! My only time in Utah was to visit the Allen team on a project we were working on. He was such a great host! I got a tour of the city and we took a ride up to Park City. He even kept offering to let me use his condo if we wanted to come back for the Sundance festival.

    I will never forget the rushed ride to the airport after my visit to Salt Lake. His gas light had been on for a while, but he didn’t seem to care. He wanted to make sure I got a copy of his Christmas music CD, though!!

    Marty is a funny, smart, and awesome partner. Allen Communications is truly blessed to have such a great person on their team like Marty!


  16. Congratulations, Marty! Allen Communications is lucky to have you, and I have to say (based on personal experience with the majority of your staff) that you are lucky to have them! When you do something you love, it shows. And when you do it WELL, then people come back for more (as we have at Intuit!).

    I have really enjoyed working with you these past 2 1/2 years…. what I did not know is that I have only known you for 10% of your working career at Allen! I wonder what we could have accomplished together if I had know you longer? 🙂

    Thanks for taking such good care of me, of Intuit, and of our important accountant customers! I look forward to future projects with you and your team. I also look forward to laughing with you and sharing our stories as they come up. You’re the best, Marty!

    Alison Ball and the entire Intuit Training Team

  17. Hi Marty- Congratulations!!! What can I say – working with you has been a highlight in my career. How long ago did we first cross paths? I was your alpha tester on some software package for creating WBT and spent several weeks in SLC taking the classes — what fun we had! And, all of those many projects – cheers to great success there! I think my favorite is the occassional email or phone call with the latest happenings with you and your travel stories – you could have your own reality show “On the road with Marty: real life road mishaps” or something like that. Probably my most favorite moment was running into you in a super shuttle at the Tampa airport. A friendly face – big smile – and it really was full of laughter– it sure made that conference way more entertaining. What can I say – MARTY ROCKS! Congrats on your 25 years at Allen. Looking forward to seeing you soon and hopefully working together again. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wow…. well aren’t you popular?!?!

    I love you so much dad! You work so hard for our family and I really appreciate everything that you do. Thank you for being such a great example to me. You inspire me to work hard and try my hardest. I hope to someday be as successful as you are. You truly do have the gift of storytelling. Nobody tells stories like you do, and you are sooooo funny (most of the time). You know just how to make people laugh! I love you sooo much! 🙂

  19. Congratulations, Marty!

    I will always be grateful to Santosh Jha for suggesting that Allen Communication could help us get the our certified user program working in our brand new LMS. It had been quite a struggle, but you and your team stepped right in and figured out what needed to happen, and we were finally able to launch the program. I believe that was one of your first projects with Intuit?

    I also have fond memories of visiting your office in SLC and of sharing lunch with you in the Intuit cafeteria. Good times!

    Again, congratulations on your 25 year anniversary at Allen Communication!


  20. Marty – Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary with Allen. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and your team.

    Cindy Bathalter

  21. Marty,

    You are the greatest. I will always fondly recall our time in the cold of Des Moines at ITAGroup.

    In terms of kindness, business savvy, people skills, and humanity, you rank in the top.

    I’m glad our paths have crossed!

    I’ll be in Minneapolis while you celebrate, so here is a long-distance toast to your past success and an even richer future,

    Shauna Bona

  22. I was first introduced to interactive videodisc (IVD) learning by Marty as a guest speaker at BYU in 1987. Little did I know I would do work for Allen in the years to come (as a contractor) and then go on to hire your services there after. Marty, congrats on a job well done–you are inspiring both then and now.

  23. Marty you are awsome!!
    It is so much fun to read these comments, and feel the love and respect that your colleagues
    have for you. I am so proud to be your sister. Thank you for your great example over the years.
    You are indeed a man of integrity and humor, what a powerful combination that is!!!
    Enjoy this celebration, you deserve it.
    All my Love,

  24. Marty is a rock, AND a rock star! I loved working with Marty on sales proposals and calls. I remember the work we did with several clients and prospects. Remember the presentation we made to Adept Driver with Allison Rossett in the room? We had the winning presentation and Marty did an excellent job, as always, establishing a good working relationship with everyone there. Remember Intuit, Amgen, Discover Network, and more…? Marty is the kind of person anyone would want to work with.

    All the best to you now and in the future,
    Ben Hughes

  25. Hey Marty.

    One of my fave stories with you is the time I came out to SLC for a Personal Leadership Program meeting with Jeff Stoner from PDI. Remember that? It was September 11, 2001. I was in the fitness center across the street from your then downtown location when the news hit. Jeff and I were calling each other wondering what to do so we decided to go ahead and meet with you guys (Ben, Todd, Stephanie, Wendy). It was a very brief and somber meeting. Once adjourned, Jeff and I quickly figured out we were not going home soon. So you invited me out to your house for dinner. Jeff and I eventually commandeered our rental car and drove home amidst the masses doing the same on Interstate 80 but in the meantime, you took me in. I ate with your family, prayed with your family, and hung out with you. One evening in particular, you decided that a uniquely Utah experience was due me. Mountain biking. Sounded great…at first. Got the bikes together and you made some calls. So a friend of yours drops us off in some parking lot fairly high up a gravel road somewhere in the boonies but what was beginning to concern me enroute was the waning sunlight…actually any light. The bikes had no headlights either. So off we go, screaming down this gravel road, no headlights, me in the lead determined to show my pluck, gritting my teeth the entire trip down and hoping I don’t strike an unseen rock. Never prayed so hard. It was dark! Were you nuts?! I managed to avoid killing myself only to meet rush hour traffic on the streets of Salt Lake once we reached the bottom. I remember a lot of cars honking at us. It was fun. And a great memory. Thank you for taking care of me that week. And for giving me Flags Of Our Fathers to read on the long drive home. You’re a good man, Marty. I’m so grateful to know you and count you as one my friends. It’s a privalege to be your’s.



  26. Ok one more…I forgot to add above. How many of you guys have been called by Marty’s cell phone only to find out he has it in his pocket and bumped your number? It’s happened so many times to me over the years that my wife Toni and I have been affectionately saying that “Marty’s butt called.” There have been times when I’ve listened to some VERY interesting conversations in his car with another woman…ooops, probably shouldn’t have mentioned that…but this is a roast isn’t it? Too bad I couldn’t record those somehow. 🙂 I used to yell into the phone at him thinking he would hear this noise from his butt and pick up. No dice. Heck of a phone. Love ya Marty. Don’t change your number.


  27. Marty –

    You have always been so great to work with. Through the good times… and through the LMS implementations! No person has been easier to work with, nicer to talk to, quicker to respond or a better business partner.

    That fact that you still took my calls after all my last minute, “gotta have it soon” projects just shows both your level of dedication and patience.

    Happy 25th! Wish you all the best in the next quarter of a century. Wow…I hope I didn’t just depress you.


    Trae Harris

  28. Marty,
    Congrats on 25 years with Allen. Thanks for the good memories from Southern California and your continued friendship over the years. It has been good to see you this past few years on our trips to Utah. Remember, you are long overdue for a trip to Alberta. We’d love to have you come visit anytime of the year. I hope all is well with you and your family. Keep in touch.

  29. Marty! Congrats on . . . well, congrats on finding a way to keep your work interesting and fun over the years and for being able to ride all the changes successfully. I loved our time together working on proposals, endless phone calls, road trips — even the hardest days were still enjoyable with you as my partner in crime. I’ll never forget your constant kindness, and hope to cross paths again soon.

    Big hugs,

  30. Dear Marty,

    You are the adamantium to Allen’s Wolverine. (I think I just channeled a little bit of Mike Lindsay)


    Best Wishes,


  31. To one of our favorite people ever–you are the best Unce Marty! Congratulations on this fabulous achievement! Thanks for making us laugh, for telling the best stories, for always wanting to know how we are doing, for just being you. We are so grateful for you and hope you know that. With love, Jacob and Linn

  32. Marty Newey, friend to all enemy to no one.

    Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. It’s hard to believe that 25 years have gone by. It seems like yesterday when you came to work at WICAT Systems, fresh from your BYU studies. Even back then we were all transfixed by your stories and life adventures; I recall the vivid experiences of your trip to Mexico in a old station wagon you and your friends bought for the trip; how you got it over the boarder; and then sold it to some Mexican national before flying home; and the hiking trips; the weekend adventures; the list goes on and on. You’ve always seen life as an adventure and so it has been for you.

    I enjoyed the years we worked together at Allen Communication. It was fun learning from you the marketing side of the business while working out at the Wiley Post Way facility. I recall our paths crossing in airports and on flights for the many years that followed.

    You’ve been a wonderful asset to this industry that has grown up during your career and Allen Communication has been the beneficiary of your keen talents and abilities.

    Best of luck to you with your future endeavors.


  33. Congratulations! My only regret is not having those “I ran through the airport with Marty” t-shirts printed in time for the party. That and missing the event, of course.

    All the best for the next 25,


  34. Congratulations Marty my friend!

    I remember running through airports but also running through a red light with Marty in San Antonio. He was driving of course which always made me nervous. He loves to talk face to face and he will turn around to talk to you in the back seat and drive at the same time! I miss it Marty!

    Honestly, I’ve told so many “Marty stories” to so many friends and family that they all feel like they know him. I’ve been lucky to stay in touch over the years with Marty and continue the friendship and the stories.

    Marty, you are one of my dearest forever friends. Love ya. Jane

  35. Marty –

    First day of the next 25 years … and I just wanted to add my heartfelt congratulations! In our short time working together, I learned that it is indeed possible to be an easygoing salesperson. Of course, your name has to be Marty. You are truly one of a kind.

    Thanks for introducing me to Napoleon Dynamite and letting me be a virtual tag along on family’s adventures. Great memories.

    All the best,


  36. I’m an artist/graphics lead here at Allen. I know enough from my life experiences to know that sales is not easy. Whenever I have had the chance to work with Marty on an assignment big or small, it has always been a good one. Marty, congratulations on 25 years of service with Allen and to the industry. I wish you the absolute best.

  37. Marty:

    I only have one story to share with you, and though it’s really not that exciting, it perfectly illustrates my thoughts about you. When I was interviewing to be hired at Allen, my friend, Shannon Hale, a former employee at Allen said, “Have you met Marty yet?” She was extremely effusive about you, but there was one thing she said that really struck me, and that was, “Marty is one of my favorite people.” I thought, “Hmmm…I’ll have to see what this guy is all about.”

    In my second or third round of interviews, I remember being told that I was going to meet with you. I remember it very vividly: The interview was in the “big conference room,” and I don’t know what had been going on before, but there were cables strewn across the room, and IT equipment was all over the place. Then in you came, high energy, as if you’d just remembered you had a meeting and thrown everything together (I’m sure that wasn’t the case ;)). We had a pleasant moment of ice breaking, and then you admitted you weren’t sure what I was interviewing for. I look back at that moment and laugh, because anyone else, and that would’ve been a bad sign to me. But you were clearly so sincere and honest, and even though you weren’t totally clear about why you were meeting with me, you were very clearly interested in getting to know about me.

    I’ll admit, I left that interview kind of chuckling to myself, and I kept thinking about what Shannon had said about you, that you were one of her favorite people. Well, to wrap up a rambling story, I took the job, and they put me in the “hallway” next to your desk, and within a few days, I could already see what she was talking about. But more importantly, in little time at all, I could say the same thing: Marty Newey is one of my favorite people.

    How many people would say the same thing? Every time I’m with you outside the office, you run into someone you know who gets a huge smile, shouts your name, and gives you a big hug, so I’m putting my money on “pretty much everyone who’s met Marty would say he’s one of their favorite people.”

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you better and work with you. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment, and here’s wishing you many more.

  38. If you could have a ‘mid-life eulogy’ to assess through your important relationships the quality of your life it could be quite informative. You could then decide how well you are living a life that is well balanced and centered on good relationships and healthy – moral character. If you are way off based and need to make huge changes or right on track. It is great to see that so many who know Marty, all see the same wonderful person!

    In ’84 at college I was planning my next semester living arrangements and a room-mate said “move in with Marty Newey – he’s an amazing guy”. That was good example of serendipity at play as that move made a life time friendship that has been, and continues to be a great friendship.

    Singing, dancing Michael Jackson style in parking lots (ask him to show you), skiing, running Ragnar relays, being a catalyst for nearly two decades of “boys weekends”, putting Garrison to shame with his gift of making the most banal experience into a fabulous story…

    Thanks Marty for being friend to all. No need to change much ~ live on!

  39. Wow! It’s been so fun reading these comments. Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how well-liked and successful you’ve been at work when I usually only get to see the family side of you. I’m amazed at your accomplishments and grateful for everything you’ve done for our family. I love you so much and am so lucky to be your son!

  40. WOW– love all the comments and pictures of Marty. He is one special man.I have known he and Julie since 1988 and have always loved him.I reconnected with them after my sweetheart passed away from Cancer in 2007.I cannot tell you in words how deeply I appreciate Marty and his Family and their love and concern for me.They always include me in their fun plans and ask me to come over and hang out during American Idol and lots of other things. CONGRATULATIONS ON 25 YEARS MARTY!! They are very lucky to have you and I think the comment I love most is the one about you putting Family first.That is what life is all about as you know.One of my favorite memories to share is that Marty and Julie came to my 60th birthday party where we had live music and Marty showed off HIS MOVES!!!!! Pretty amazing!!!

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