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Link’spiration Template

Link'spirationLink’spiration – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

Put the intro here. Remember to switch to the “Text” editor in WordPress BEFORE you copy/paste content with HTML tags in it. If you’re in the “Visual” editor when you paste this, all the tags and html stuff get added as straight text and looks like a mess when Previewed or Published. Once you’ve pasted the HTMl content in you can switch back and forth between the editors all you like. See the section just below titled “A Quick Primer on Editing HTML” for exactly that- a quick primer.

A Quick Primer on Editing HTML
HTML is all about tags. These are the bits between the left and right arrow brackets: <>. Most are used with an opening and a closing tag, like in the title line above. The closing tag just starts with a / (after the beginning arrow bracket). Several tags, like image and hyperlink anchors , have attributes declared between quotation marks, like height, width, src, title, href, etc..

The important thing to remember when editing html is to watch out for, and preserve, the arrow brackets and quotation marks!

The most common mistake when using a template like this one is accidentally deleting part of a tag or one of the quotes when pasting in new text or tag attributes. Without the proper formatting these tags and attributes are just text. Instead of a web page you get exactly what you’re looking at now- text. Or sometimes you just get wonky results. For instance, deleting the last arrow bracket of of the closing strong tag above would make this entire section bold- everything until the correct closing tag in the title below.

Another common mistake I’ve seen is forgetting the “http://” or “http://” at the beginning of web addresses in the href attribute of hyperlinks. Without that bit, the browser will interpret the link as a subpage of our own site, which will result in a 404 error when someone clicks on it. When you hover your mouse on these broken links, the address shown at the bottom of the browser will read someting like-

I’ll end this section with an actual website you could look at for a bit more on HTML: Getting started with HTML. It’s a pretty quick read, but gives a bit more info on tags (including lists) and what the various attributes mean. Also, just FYI, and very link’spiration-y, the guy who wrote that page, Dave Raggett, is part of the group that actually created the World Wide Web in 1992. So he literally wrote the book on HTML.
Getting started with HTML

Title for Link to Offsite, Random Content
Stuff that’s interesting but not necessarily related to anything Allen is about. These links are set to open in a new window (target=”_blank”) and have follow turned off (rel=”nofollow”) so that bots don’t associate us with this content. The link looks like this Random stuff, and then the indented link(s) are below.
Random stuff

Orange Title for Offsite But Related Content
This is about content not on our site but somehow related or relevant to our business. The link has the Target set as “_blank” so it opens in a new window/tab (helping to keep people here) but it deosn’t have “no-follow” set since we’re ok with google-bots and other webcrawlers following these links and effectively associating us with this content. When bots follow our links and find relevant content that increases our “authority” on a topic. Here’s the link to Relevant Stuff, which gets repeated below.
Relevant Stuff

Orange Title for Our Content
This is content leading to a link within our site. We want these links to stay here, so the “target” isn’t set and, of course, we’re fine endorsing or being associated with ourselves so they don’t have “no-follow” set either. A few things to note about the link code below: 1)the style bit just after the “a” tag sets indents the link text by setting the left-margin to 20 pixels and 2)the href (hyperlink) and the title are tha same- this lets people see the actual web address as a pop-up on mouse-over since the anchor text (“Video-Based Learning” in this case) already tells them what the link is about.
Our Site Link

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