We may have been in business for a while, but there’s nothing old school about our training technology.

Our world has become intertwined with technology, so why not use it to enhance training?

At Allen, we have laid our foundation on solid instructional design, and every client goes through a consulting process so we can determine the type of training and how to deliver it.

As technology has advanced, so too has training tech. And Allen is always on top of it. Knowing about the tools and trends in training technology is not just our job. It’s our passion. We love to learn about new technology, and we love talking about how you can use it.



Our internal programming and design teams will help you analyze when to use HTML5 or when to stick with Flash. We know when you would want to build an app, create a mobile-first design, how to utilize technology in your training, when to use responsive design and on what assets. We don’t just use training technology for the sake of technology. The instructional design that makes up the core of every solution means we use technology when it’s right for your needs. And we never stop learning because we want to know if an emerging technology is useful for our clients or a bad fit for a project.

We know when games or simulations are the right move, and how to incorporate videos, motion design and social learning to improve results. If you need help navigating the pitfalls of off-the-shelf tools, we’re there. We can integrate with every LMS on the market and know the nuances of SCORM versus AICC.

Just because we can build with the latest training tech, we know not every client has the infrastructure to support it. We can make beautiful programs when a course requires Flash, although most of our recent work has been in HTML5 for mobile application. Most of our clients now request training using responsive design, and many would like to use simulations and gamification.


When it comes to training technology, many clients like keeping up with the latest. But on the other side of the coin, one of our clients’ most common complaints is they feel trapped in an outdated, terrible LMS. Being a custom company, we wanted to fix the problem and let them have a sustainable, personalized experience. So, we created our own learning portal because it was the only LMS that was as good as we wanted it to be.

Allen’s portal technology is made to be a no-headache solution for any client. Our smaller, hosted portal is great for anyone with fewer than 5,000 users. Once you grow beyond that, the enterprise learning portal will handle anything you throw at it: unlimited users, offline web app, easy user and admin experiences, no per-user license fee, and smooth integration with other technologies. For anyone who’s ever wanted to toss a computer through the window because of a bad LMS, we also have sustainable customization. It’s just like upgrading to a new operating system—only you don’t have to do anything. We provide behind-the-scenes updates and custom-tailoring for each client, from reporting to courseware integration.

When it comes to training technology, Allen’s consultation is there to help you find the right fit—not just spend budget on glitz. We work to help you decide if a technology is right for your training needs and when it would be relevant and applicable from an instructional design standpoint. Let’s talk tech with a technical consultation.

Get in touch with us to talk about your project.