New Hire Training

When it comes to new hire training, time is either your friend or your enemy.


The sooner new or transitioning employees are up to speed and productive, the more agile, flexible, and stable your organization becomes.

35 Years of New-Hire Training Program Experience

For more than 35 years, Allen has designed and developed new hire training initiatives for dozens of the world’s largest companies. By tapping into our expertise, you’ll be on your way to effectively transferring key knowledge to employees in ways that help them adapt, adopt, and apply it quickly.

Empowering New Employees to Exceed Expectations

We’ll provide a custom training solution for you and help you scale your efforts around:

  • Retention
  • Cultural acclimation and adaptation
  • Speed to productivity
  • Employee transitioning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Organizational orientation and navigation
  • Alignment
New Hire Success: Fixing Broken Onboarding

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