Leadership Training

We’ve worked with a variety of industries developing leadership training and soft skills training programs specific to their learners.


We have more than 30 years of experience working with our clients to create customized leadership training programs for their employees, from limited groups of key senior executives to leadership programs designed for tens of thousands of employees.

Motivating and Engaging Your Leaders

The myriad designs we have created for our clients’ leadership training programs have earned accolades from our clients, their learners, and industry analysts alike. In all of our approaches we’ll work with you to engage your learners with your content through proven instructional design strategies combined with creative techniques and delivery methods specific to your needs.

Tailored Training To Meet Business Initiatives

At Allen, our leadership training programs work by providing custom training tailored to meet your business initiatives. Our instructional design consulting and development has helped us to win awards and remain recognized as a top instructional design company.

AllenComm Training Consulting

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