Consumer Education

Consumer education is creating clear competitive advantages.


The brand landscape has changed. In most industries, a customer’s first in-depth interactions with a new brand or product are driven by education and research. Get these first interactions right, and your customer is many times more likely to buy and promote your brand.

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The New Brand Landscape

In this new brand landscape, product marketers and brand managers must start thinking beyond ad strategies alone to consumer education strategies because these assets will increasingly drive consumer behaviors and brand affinity.

Customers who encounter freely provided educational tools are:

  • 97% more likely to tell friends about their experience, and
  • 94% more satisfied with their purchase.
Training is Marketing to your Learners

Training is Marketing to Your Learners

Education, in marketing terms, is when a message goes beyond creating an awareness of a product or service. The focus shifts from selling features and benefits to providing the consumer with a deeper understanding of the problem and the product or service. At Allen, we’ve experienced the rise of consumer education firsthand, working with innovative Fortune 500 companies to support new product lines and complement traditional marketing.

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