Retail Training

Creating a targeted business impact through custom employee training is our specialty.


With the most talented in-house instructional design team in the industry paired with an incredible in-house motion graphics and rich media design team, Allen is considered a trusted agency for retail training for the largest retail organizations in the world.


Creating a positive customer experience is the key to a successful retail venture. Without effective retail training, associates aren’t equipped with the skills they need to provide the level of service that customers demand—such as outstanding customer service, product expertise, and industry knowledge. Retail training created with these needs in mind is more important than ever for a retail organization’s success in the marketplace.

What is gamification and when should you use it?


Technology can provide delivery methods that meet the needs of a younger workforce and a quick-paced environment by providing the right content, in the right method, on the right device. Relevancy in not just content, but delivery methods, devices, brevity, and point-of-need access speak not only to what learners need, but to the methods they are using daily to access information.

Business Environment

As we come out of a recession, organizations are quickly becoming more accountable to both their shareholders and employees. In this type of hiring market, with millennials growing into leadership roles and baby boomers retiring, business leaders can no longer ignore the clear association between better training, increased customer satisfaction, employee morale, and revenue.