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Custom Training Simulations

The power of scenarios and simulations to engage and motivate learners in computer based training is undeniable. At Allen, we combine our long history of instructional design and e-learning strategies with our simulation development learning technology to produce award-winning simulations.

Allen focuses on two types of powerful simulation models:

Custom Training Simulation - Learning Technology

Linear Systems Simulations

The least complex simulation type, these are perfect for progressing learners through a linear pathway to the desired outcome. Having created numerous linear learning simulations, Allen can help you discover and custom develop the most appropriate one for your learners.

Multi-path Cognitive Task Simulations

Using our proprietary Sim Development Kit, we’re able to develop highly interactive, complex, multi-branching simulations that allow learners to advance through real-life situations in an infinite matrix environment. Our Sim Dev Kit makes it possible to deliver the simulations in a variety of formats, from Flash to HTML.

Following are some recent simulations Allen has developed. Click any title for more details.

American Express: Seller Servicing Call Center

This simulation was created using Rapid Content Delivery and leads American Express Seller Service Calling Center employees through the process of creating follow-up reminders for meetings, conference calls, and other events.

Cambridge Claims Management in Ovation Claim

This award-winning simulation was created to assist in the rollout of a new enterprise-wide claims processing system. Cambridge claims processors were already familiar with similar software systems, but Ovation Claim provided a standard platform for the whole company. Since training on software can be pretty dry, a simulation was created to help impart the knowledge.

CKE Restaurants: StarPOS

Created using Rapid Content Development, this course taught managers and supervisors of CKE restaurants (Carl’s Jr.) how to configure the StarPOS (menu ordering system). Two types of activities make this course both fun and challenging for the trainee. “See It” activities are animations that show how to perform a task within StarPOS Configurator. “Try It” activities are hands-on exercises simulating the StarPOS Configurator. The “Try It” activities have step-by-step instructions and simulate the real StarPOS system allowing employees to lean the process of order, substitutions, promotions and other important functions.

FranklinCovey: Powerful Time Management Skills

This award-winning course helped participants improve personal effectiveness by enhancing their Palm Handhelds with Franklin Planner Software. The Planner Basics section contains a simulation for using Tasks and Appointments.

Industry Analyst: Global Sales Strategy

This course, targeted for a large industry analyst’s global sales force, was initially delivered to about 900 learners through computer based training. The course delivered a real-life sales simulation of an 18 month sales cycle. Learners worked through 20 decisions in teams of five, competing against other teams for the best “score.” As a simulation, it was crucial for Allen as a top instructional design company to capture the client’s culture while making the simulation seem real by using real-world scenarios. The solution was such a success that the course became part of the onboarding of new sales team members, and is consistently rated as the highlight of their onboarding.
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