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2014 Trends — The Big No Trend

2014 Next Big Training Trend

Pausing to perfect and polish trends from 2013 leads us to… no trend in 2014. It comes as no surprise that our most popular blogs and articles tend to focus on the “next big development” or an evaluation of trends in the market.  At Allen, we have the privilege of serving a large and diverse […]

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Expect more from your training! A little remix goes a long way.

Expect More! A Little Remix Goes a Long Way @ZamirRon

Generally speaking, we as design professionals tend to settle. We’re not lazy, nor do we lack ambition; rather, as these scholars argue, we tend to seek to stabilize the world around us and react to the best of our abilities.  This stability allows us to be productive and effective, especially when dealing with significant time […]

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Creating Impactful Design with DesignJot


DesignJot leverages Allen’s ANSWER Analysis to ensure instructional strategies align with intended performance outcomes. Over the last 32 years, Allen has collaborated with clients to develop creative solutions; these efforts have earned industry-wide recognition and acclaim. Along the way, we decided some lessons are worth sharing. One of those key lessons we’ve learned is this: […]

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The Millennial Debate – Does The Generation Gap Actually Exist?

Generation Gap - Corporate Training

At this point, I think we all know the basic context: the millennial generation is poised to enter the workforce en masse, and the change will happen quickly. Some experts predict as much as 36% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2014. As happens with any major culture shift, some companies […]

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Strategies to Engage Millennials – We Aren’t That Different


As a millennial, I feel like I already have a bad reputation to overcome before I’ve even entered the workforce. People seem to think my generation is lazy, has the attention span of a fly, spends all day on Facebook and Twitter, and enters the workplace with a never ending list of demands. Now I […]

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