How to Survive the Competition for Best Consumer...

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Brands that control consumer education portals in their industry have a huge advantage over their competitors—if they control the education, they control the conversation. Research shows, for example, that customers who are provided with the right educational tools are 94% …Read more  »

An Instructional Designer’s Case for Consumer Education

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Why is instructional design becoming increasingly important to consumer education? In the past months, we’ve been focused on how consumer education is creating a new marketing landscape. Since we regularly work with the best-known brands on over 100 projects each …Read more  »

Building Brand Champions with Consumer Education

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As consumer relationship management (CRM) technologies have matured, it isn’t surprising that some competing/complementary systems have also gained traction. One among many such responses, CEM, focuses on consumer experience (or engagement depending on what you’re reading). The argument is that …Read more  »

Connecting Your Audience to the Brand: Immerse Your...

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Immersing your audience, both internal and external, with engaging learning activities, world-class media, and performance-based training will add value to your brand. “That will be $615 please.” I immediately thought there was no way the ticket lady said $615. For …Read more  »

Financial Marketplace: New Regulations Open Opportunities for Customer...

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Legislation in the financial industry is changing the compliance landscape for banks and financial institutions. Proactive companies can turn regulations into opportunities to educate the consumer and mold public perception while fostering an adaptive compliance culture through internal training. Heard …Read more  »

The New Reality of Marketing in Healthcare: Zero...

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Organizations that offer transparency through valuable consumer education will win customers and increase both market share and brand loyalty. Shifting Landscape of Healthcare The healthcare industry has seen more than its fair share of change in the last decade. Now, …Read more  »

Training Consultants: Take Advantage of Blurring Lines Between...

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Consumer education is becoming a frequent topic of discussion inside and outside of training and development groups. The necessity for customer training to enhance the customer experience, brand loyalty and adoption rates has never been so great. Business leaders in …Read more  »

Customer Training Tips

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The lines between training and marketing communications are blurring. For example, associations with member-training requirements compete to create perceived value, grow training enrollments, and then sustain educational value. Similarly, product and technology companies look for bite-sized training opportunities to help …Read more  »